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How much will it cost to have Doyle Law Firm handle my legal matter?

Our personal injury attorneys will review your case at no cost to you. If we agree to handle your personal injury claim, we operate on a contingency basis and we will cover the costs and expenses associated with your case and will only recover those costs, expenses, and our fee in the event that we reach a positive result on your behalf. Because our attorneys handle a wide variety of legal issues, please call our office for more information about the costs associated with handling matters involving wills, probate, real estate, criminal cases, taxation, and family law.

Do I have a good personal injury case?

A “good case” requires the injured person to establish that someone else is at fault. The determination of “fault” can be difficult and complex. A good case usually requires more than minimal injury, and the degree and extent of medical treatment is often the best indicator to a jury that an injury is severe.

How long will it take to reach a resolution to my personal injury case?

We understand the stress on a client while their case is pending. Often times a severe injury can come with financial strains due to medical bills, lost wages, and an inability to return to work. We work hard to get you the result you deserve as quickly as possible.

How long has Doyle Law Firm been in practice?

Doyle Law Firm traces its roots from the firm of Barker and Lain, P.C., an established Galveston firm founded by the late Owen D. Barker and the late T. W. Lain, which has provided legal advice and counsel to Galveston County residents for over 40 years.

Can I recover if my insurance company has underpaid or denied my claim?

Yes. Bad faith insurance claims include the wrongful termination of your policy, a delay in the payment of benefits, a denial of payment, or the wrongful determination that your claim was fraudulent. In some instances you may be able to recover damages in excess of three times your actual damages. Doyle Law Firm has handled hundreds of bad faith insurance claims.
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